VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester

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The VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer / Ventilator Tester provides high accuracy for testing gas flow and respiratory medical equipment.

The Fluke Biomedical VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer / Ventilator Tester is accurate, easy-to-use, reliable and portable. It is designed to accurately and reliably test all types of gas flow equipment especially those requiring high accuracy in ultra-low flow and ultra-low pressure measurements. Compact and lightweight, the VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer is extremely portable, and saves space on your benchtop.

VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester

Streamline your testing procedure, reduce errors and quicken your test time with the ability to create customized test profiles
Avoid confusion and ensure accuracy with one-channel, full range air flow
Reduce testing time with built-in line sensors which automatically test humidity, temperature and oxygen while compensating for atmospheric pressure and environmental conditions
Ensure patient safety with ultra-low flow and ultra-low pressure anesthesia and flow meter testing
Have confidence that your measurements comply to global regulatory standards and adhere to SI units of measurement with the Molbloc-L calibration system.
Easily transport and store the lightweight (3.6lb/1.6kg), all-in-one device – no extra modules for different tests
Have more control over your testing by selecting your own trigger point with the external trigger input
Operate on-the-go, all day with 8 hours of battery life
Streamline your testing procedure by performing a complete anesthesia machine PM with the VAPOR Anesthesia Tester

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