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VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer + VAPOR Anesthesia Tester

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The VT900A + VAPOR Ventilator and Anesthesia Test duo is designed to efficiently and reliably perform a full anesthesia machine PM, from ventilators to vaporizers.

The VAPOR Anesthesia Tester is an accessory to the VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer / Ventilator Tester that expands your testing capability to vaporizers. VAPOR automatically detects the 5 major anesthetic agents, CO2, and N2O, and identifies them by their international color code for easy identification - no effort on your part.

VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer + VAPOR Anesthesia Tester

VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer + VAPOR Anesthesia Tester

Streamline your testing procedure by performing a complete anesthesia machine PM/efficacy test with one setup
Avoid confusion and improve efficiency with auto-detection of anesthetic agents and color-matched gas identification
Reduce bulk and improve ease of transport with a convenient carrying case for the lightweight accessory and gas flow module
Operate on-the-go with durable, robust design
Simplify calibration and servicing with one manufacturer for all anesthesia test equipment
Reduce testing time with 7-in. color touch screen, quick-connect fitting and complete anesthesia hosing accessory kit
Confidently test with accuracy that meets vaporizer manufacturer recommendations
Ensure patient safety with automatic detection and measurement of CO2, N2O and five commonly used anesthetic agents

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