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Transmission Services

We can economically route and design any aerial / underground transmission routing through various types of terrain or right of way limitations. From 69 kV to 500 kV we have the expertise to meet our client’s needs and expectations. When using standard structures, wire, cable, and foundations designs are not practical, we can provide unique solutions that get the job done. Directional Command uses PLS-CADD software to create and design our transmission line models. We can create terrain models using survey data from simple paper contours to complex digital LiDAR data. Need a transmission line rating for NERC compliance, we can provide turnkey services or just the engineering reports.


  • Engineering & Design of New and Re-Build Lines

  • Line Ratings

  • Solutions to Increase Line Ratings 

  • PLS-CADD Transmission Line Modeling

  • Routing & Cost Studies 

  • Line Condition Assessments 

  • Plan & Profile Drawings                                                    

  • Structure Design 

  • Foundation Design​

  • Material Design and Specifications

  • Drafting 

  • Right-Of-Way Services 

  • Line Permitting 

  • Construction Bid Specifications             

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