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Proven Track Record in Telematics

600 Vehicles and Counting

Directional Command provides a full suite of customizable GPS Telematics solutions such as:


Fleet Management                    

Marine Tracking        


Asset tracking 

Equipment Monitoring                            

Trailer Tracking

Hours of Service                                

Connected Cameras                                  

Personal Tracking

Safety Monitoring                            

Generator Monitor                                   

Weather Tracking



We have access to over 200 hardware devices that we integrate with Directional Command’s Software as a Service Platform.  The Platform is configurable in order provide actionable and meaningful information for your business operation.



Directional Command has been awarded and is successfully providing GPS Telematics service in over 25 states and Puerto Rico for vehicles in several regions for the Department of Veterans Affairs - Gulf Coast, Tampa Bay, Kentucky, Cleveland and Charleston, SC. There are over 20,000 assets being monitored on the technology platform.


DUNS #08-063-9940

SDVOSB (verified by CVE)


Payment methods include credit cards and electronic processing



236210, 236220, 237130, 237990, 238990, 334210, 334220, 334310, 334511, 334614, 335921, 423410, 423430, 423490, 511210, 517311, 517911, 517919, 541330, 541340, 541360, 541490, 541511, 541513, 541519, 541612, 541613, 541618, 541690, 561210, 811219



Please click on PDF below for our full GPS Telematics Capability Statement.



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